Our Process

Do you have a series of payday loans and wondering how you can get over the situation? Then don’t worry because you are already at the right place. For most people who have been stuck in debt for a while, getting promises from lenders who claim to offer financial solutions is normal. But at times, some companies may only want to take advantage of your situation. At lowermypaydayloans.com, we offer workable solutions to help people consolidate their debts into a single and easier to pay loan.

How our process works

At lowermypaydayloans.com, we know how payday loans work and the tactics used by payday lenders to attract innocent people to their ‘solutions’. We also know how quickly lenders are in breaking such promises, leaving debtors in multitude of debts. The mission of our company is to help borrowers get rid of the payday loan debt cycle that apparently affects millions of people every year. We provide effective solutions that can be implemented by everyone who is determined to end the debt cycle once and for all.

Step 1: review your budget

Our first step towards payday consolidation is reviewing your current financial position. Our main focus is on the outstanding debt, your current income and budget for us to create a workable solution and avoid overburdening you.

Step 2: get rid of lenders

After that, we will guide you on how to get lenders out of your accounts. Remember that once a lender has access to your account, you need to come up with a process to ‘evict them’ from withdrawing more funds from your bank account.

Step 3: contact lenders

Next, we will contact the payday lenders to inform them about your plans to consolidate the debts and start the debt consolidation process. This typically involves a collection of all your loans, including the loan agreements with your original lenders and rolling all the balances to a brand new loan. This loan will have new repayment plan and terms which are more pocket friendly, taking into consideration your current income and budget.

Step 4: continued support

Our financial advisers will continue working with you, providing education, information and guidance for you to have control over your future finances.

At lowermypaydayloans.com, we are driven towards working with clients and committed to providing them with tools and answers that are necessary to have a healthy, financial future. We have helped hundreds of clients to come out of mountains of debts by offering convenient payday debt consolidation plans. If you are tired of the hassle that comes as a result of paying multiple debts with different repayment plans, we are ready to help. We offer quick relief, 6, 9 and 12 monthly programs and online monitoring to ensure that our clients live a debt-free life once again. Contact lowermypaydayloan.com today at 1-888-958-1224 for a free consultation and be sure that this is one of the smartest financial decisions you have ever made. DL Help: Payday Loan Help You Can Trust